Tip Tap goes the Typewriter – The legend of the Hemingway House

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Ernest Hemingway loved the ocean and the people of Key West but did he love it so much that he didn’t want to leave it even after his death?

Key West was a great inspiration to Ernest Hemingway and many of his greatest works were written there, The Sun Also Rises, Farewell to Arms, To Have and Have Not, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Old Man and the Sea, and Garden of Eden just to name a few.

Even though Hemingway died at his home in Idaho, people started reporting seeing his ghost at his home in Key West just days after his death. In fact, some of the reports where so soon after his death that some of the people who claimed to have seen him had not yet known of his passing.

People have claimed to see Hemingway on the 2nd floor Veranda of the home taking care of the plants just like he did when he was alive.

Others have sighted him in the windows or sitting behind his desk. Could it be that Hemingway still occupies the house on Whitehead Street in Key West? Perhaps still tending to the descendants of his six-toed cats?

Staff members and visitors have reported seeing the writer writing away in his loft writing room, a place where Hemingway spent a lot of his time. Some visitors and staff have even heard the tip tap of his typewriter echoing through the room. Could it be that the legendary author is still working on his next best seller?

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