Thomas & Lucinda Lost Lovers Reunited at the Don CeSar Hotel

Don CeSar built for Love
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Don CeSar & Lucinda

As the story goes…….

in 1925 Thomas Rowe spent 3 years building the Don CeSar hotel as a tribute to his lost love Lucinda.

Lucinda was a Spanish Opera star that Thomas met in England while attending the opera “Maritana.” The pair quickly fell in love and affectionately referred to one another as Maritana and Don CeSar and the pair would secretly meet by a secluded fountain in London.

Lucinda’s parents found out and they disapproved of the relationship. To keep the lovers apart, they immediately whisked Lucinda back to Spain.

Thomas returned to America heartbroken and spent years trying to reunite with Lucinda by sending countless love letters, Every love letter Thomas sent was returned unopened, but eventually, Thomas did receive a reply. The communication was addressed to My Beloved Don CeSar and with it was a news clipping of Lucinda’s death.

The lobby and courtyard of the Don CeSar hotel is the exact replica of where the two would meet in London, Thomas had it built that way as a tribute to his lost love.

In the years since his passing, staff and guests have reported sightings of a gentleman sporting an old-fashioned hat and white summer suit strolling the grounds and even greeting guests. Yet when approached, he disappears.

Over the years hotel staffers have also reported strange things happening throughout the hotel especially on floor five where Thomas lived. Housekeepers have reported hearing mysterious knocking on doors while cleaning rooms, yet find no one to be there.

Doors swing open by themselves to let staffers carrying trays through, perhaps Thomas always the efficient hotelier is still trying to help out?

There have been claims by guests and staff alike of seeing a young couple strolling the grounds wearing a white suit and a traditional Spanish peasant dress. Lost love reunited?

To this day, sightings and unusual happenings are still reported.


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