The Real Ghost at Disney might not be in the Haunted Mansion at all

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The story has been told of a construction worker named George who met an untimely death in 1970 during the construction of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Walt Disney World.

In 1970 Walt Disney World had not yet opened and it is not clear how George died. Some stories claim that George fell to his death from atop of the burning city scene inside the ride and another story has George meeting his terrible fate when a heavy beam fell on him during the construction.

Nevertheless, the legend says that from the ride’s opening and up to this very day, that cast members say good morning to George at the opening of the ride every morning, and good night to George at the closing of the ride every evening.

It has been said that if either the good morning or good night is missed, that George becomes mischievous and causes problems for cast members such as shutting down the ride, making phone calls from an empty control room, and showing up on ride monitors.

Some guests have even reported feeling a chill near the burning city scene and cast members have reported having to constantly close the exit door near the famous key-holding dog scene. The door is now jokingly referred to as “George’s Door”.

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