Honeymoon Island State Park

Located in beautiful Dunedin, Florida, Honeymoon Island State park is indeed the barrier island paradise that it’s slogan advertises. The island really has it all as it’s perfect for a family fun picnic day at the beach and it’s equally perfect for a nature lover seeking a walk […]


Tampa Bay – Gone Fishin’

Florida Fish Story There is nothing like being out on the water with the wind in your hair, taking in the smell of clean air and salt water, watching the sea birds gliding effortlessly along side the boat and catching a few fish in the process. John and […]

Tampa’s Downtown Riverwalk

First I have to say that there is no way I can cover everything there is to tell you about Tampa’s Downtown Riverwalk in just one post which makes me happy because it gives me a really good reason to go back again and again. John and I […]

Cigar City Havan-a good time

Ybor City Tampa Back in 1895 three immigrant businessmen had a vision of creating a new cigar manufacturing city in Tampa Florida, so they purchased swampy alligator and mosquito infested land and began building what was one day to become known as Cigar City, the cigar capital of […]

Pine Island Beach Park

Off The Beaten Path Picnic by the Gulf of Mexico Sometimes John and I just like to wander around and discover places off the beaten path and when we do we sometimes find some hidden gems. Today we happened upon Alfred A Mckethan Pine Island Park in Spring […]

Horse Farm Tours of Ocala

I am a huge Thoroughbred Horse racing fan and was thrilled today to take a tour with the Farm Tours of Ocala. Marion County has more horses of all breeds and disciplines within it’s limits than any other county in the United States and the equine industries economic […]