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From time to time we may come across some useful Florida Travel information that we will share with you here. It could be anything from money saving ideas to what to be sure to pack to some kind of really useful app or gadget. All to help you plan the most awesome Florida vacation ever!!


Ok this is a no brainer. Pack the sunscreen. If you think you are coming to Florida to get a quick tan, please change your way of thinking!! It takes about 15 minutes outside in Florida to start working up a sunburn and if you are out all day without sunblock you might just be visiting a doctor on your vacation. No matter how well planned out your vacation to Florida is, if you don’t have the proper sun protection you will be taking the chance of ruining it. Get something with a high SPF (sun protection factor) and when in the sun please use it frequently.


Meal cost can take a big bite out of the vacation budget but if you take advantage of some of the many scenic picnic areas that Florida has to offer you could save yourself some cash. When you head out for your daily excursions, stop at a local market and fill your cooler bags with drinks, snacks and perhaps lunch for the day. You can find picnic facilities everywhere in Florida. They are in state and national parks, local city parks , hiking trails, beaches and most of Florida rest stops. Florida is an outdoor activity state so believe me there is always a place for a picnic. Cooler bags don’t take up much space in a suitcase and you can even use them as a carry on bag on your flight. Also, it can get pretty darn hot here in the summer so even if you just have the cooler bag for water it’s still good idea to have. You can buy a case of water at the local market rather than pay $2.50 or more per bottle at a convenience store or vending machine. Every little savings adds up when you are traveling.


Here in Florida there are these bugs that we call no seeums. You want to guess why they are called no seeums? Yep, You can’t see them but you can sure feel them!!! They are annoying and pesty little creatures and can ruin a good time. Also, before I forget, we also have mosquitoes and they are no fun either. If you are going to be hiking on nature trails, or going to be around any coastal brush or water of any kind, then you are going to want to have that deep woods off packed in your suit case.

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