Lake Eola Park

Right in the heart of busy Downtown Orlando is the peaceful serenity of Lake Eola Park. A beautiful lake that could be named swan lake for the abundance of swans that are protected and call this lake home.

The one-mile walk around this beautiful lake of swans also provides encounters with turtles, exotic lizards, and many species of birds that are attracted to this oasis right in the middle of a bustling downtown area.

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Along the walkway are a few restaurants with outdoor seating. With a fountain in the middle of the lake and a contrasting view of high-rise office buildings in the background, this beautiful park makes for a uniquely scenic setting to enjoy a relaxing lunch.

There are swan food vending machines, a playground, public restrooms, and best of all, swan boat rentals. For $15.00 per 1/2 hour, one can take a swan-shaped paddle boat out and paddle around with the white and black swans of Lake Eola. Lake Eola is absolutely free and would make a nice cost-cutting addition to Orlando vacation plans.