Disney Fanatic Family 2019

We had a great year of Disney magic in 2019, but things are changing pretty rapidly at The Walt Disney World Resort Florida, with new rides being added and parks being updated and even expanded. For that reason we decided to archive our 2019 visit posts here so they can still be viewed and enjoyed, however, we wanted to start the new year with a fresh set of posts relevant to all the changes happening throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.

There is still a lot of good information in our 2019 posts so we did not want to get rid of them all together, so please feel free to browse through them. Be sure to check back often for our Disney Fanatic Family 2020 posts as we spend another exciting year experiencing the Wonderful World of Disney Magic.


Disney Fanatic Family 2019 Archives

  • Post 1 – Planing Advice
  • Post 2 – Summer Time In Florida
  • Post 3 – Recent Disney Dinning
  • Post 4 – Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park
  • Post 5 – Hilton & All Star Movie Resort
  • Post 6 – Port Orleans Riverside Resort – Typhoon Lagoon-
  • Post 7 – Fall Colors, Tricks and Treats
  • Post 8 – A day at Animal Kingdom with a preschooler
  • Post 9 – Epcot for the Holidays
  • Post 10 – Jingle Bells and Star Wars

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