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Disney Fanatic Family Series post # 9

Epcot for the Holidays The Walt Disney World Complex in Orlando can get pretty busy during the holiday season and for good reason, no one decorates for Christmas quite like Disney. Lucky for John and I, we went on a Wednesday and I would highly suggest that if […]


Anastasia State Park

The center of attraction at this Florida State Park is absolutely the beautiful Atlantic ocean but there are many other activities to experience at this park just minutes away from the Historic Hub of Saint Augustine. The beach at Anastasia Park provides near perfect opportunities for wildlife watching […]

Florida’s Oldest Attraction

Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park The fountain of youth was a legend even back in the day of Ponce De Leon who learned about the mythical healing waters from the Native Americans. The legend of the waters that contained the cure for aging became associated […]

Vintage Downtown Plant City

Unless you are visiting someone that lives here not to many people have Plant City on their radar of places to see in Florida. Yes, there is of course what Plant City is mostly known for, strawberry farms and the annual Strawberry Festival which does draw a crowd […]