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Captain Tony’s Saloon, A Chilling Experience

Back in the 1850s, the building that now houses the ever so popular Key West watering hole called Captain Tony’s Saloon, was once an ice house and the city’s first morgue. Perhaps the most unusual thing that one would notice right off the bat when visiting the Saloon […]

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Key West Cemetery

There are over 100,000 souls buried at the cemetery in Key West but not all those souls are resting in peace. The graveyard itself has become somewhat of a tourist attraction bringing visitors to read some of the more humorous gravestones like those that read: I told you […]

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Jacksonville’s Old City Cemetery

One such resident was Marie Louise Gato,  the 19-year-old daughter of a local cigar factory owner. Marie Louise was shot 5 times as she entered her father’s house on April 20, 1897. While she lay dying, she accused Edward George Pitzer, a rejected gentleman caller, of the horrific deed. […]

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The Bride of Bellamy Bridge

 Built in 1914, Bellamy Bridge is the oldest structure of its type in Florida.  The bridge now only a skeleton, with its steel frame spanning the Chipola River in the swamps north of Marianna, Fl. That is the location where the legend of The Bride of Bellamy Bridge […]

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The Spirited Imogene Theater

The historic Imogene theater first opened in 1913 as the Milton Opera House and Auditorium. In the 1920s, it was converted to the Imogene Theatre, named for young Imogene Gooch, the theater owner’s daughter. Little Imogene performed on stage the first night her family opened the theater, and […]