The Ghosts of Florida’s Everglades

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It seems that alligators are not the only thing to watch out for when visiting the Florida Everglades as within its waters and tall sawgrasses are mysteries from beyond our natural Earth.

For hundreds of years, a story has been passed down from generation to generation about the phantom ship forever stuck to wonder the Everglades. The Ghost Ship of the Everglades has been haunting Florida’s South Coast since the days of the pirates. After giving chase to a merchant ship and getting lost in the twisting channels of the Everglades, the ship’s phantom crew was cursed to sail the seas for all of eternity.

Then there is the story of Edgar Watson, a strange man that built a cabin in the Everglades over 100 years ago and largely kept to himself until a fisherman found the gutted body of a woman floating in the Chatham River. Authorities eventually found dozens of human bodies buried on Edgar Watson’s farm, and a former farmhand reported seeing him take lives ritualistically. The property is thought to be haunted to this day.

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