The King Cromartie House in Fort Lauderdale

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In 1907, building contractor Edwin T. King built this original one story bungalow for his family, out of Dade County pine, using joists made of salvaged ship’s timbers.

When Mr. King’s daughter wed, he gifted the home to her and her new husband Bloxham Cromartie. The young couple added a second story to the home in 1911.

Various members of The King-Cromartie family lived in this house, up until 1968 when the land was finally sold. The new owners, only wanting the land had no use for the home and it was feared that the King Cromartie House would be demolished.

Luckily, The Junior League of Fort Lauderdale stepped in and managed to raise enough money to save the historic house, and to have it moved to its current location.

Moving a 200-ton house was no easy feat, especially since it had to be floated by barge down the New River, narrowly fitting under 3 bridges in the process. But the move was successful, and the house was placed on the playground of an 1899 historic schoolhouse. The King-Cromartie House Museum is now part of Fort Lauderdale Historic Village, which has a wonderful collection of old historic homes and buildings.

Since the home was opened as a museum there have been many accounts reported of the unusual and unexplained.

A translucent apparition of a blonde woman wearing a pink dress has been vividly described looking out of the 2nd floor bedroom window. Many believe the entity is Louise King Cromartie.

It has also been claimed that the curtains in that same 2nd-floor bedroom have been known to move without reason and the window itself opening and closing without anyone being around to open or close it.

Another unexplained phenomenon reported is the porch swing which suddenly starts swinging on its own. Not just a small movement either, but a vigorous movement that can not be explained away by the mere wind.

Many visitors have also reported hearing children playing, laughing, and singing on the grounds behind the house, but when they look, there are no children anywhere to be found.



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