The Maitland Arts Center’s Cigar Smoking Ghost

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In 1937 Andre’ Smith founded an artist colony in what is now the Maitland Art Center. Mr. Smith was an architect by trade but later became a war artist for the Army during World War I.

After the war, Andre’ Smith retired just north of Orlando to Maitland and established the Maitland Research Studio.

Mr. Smith passed away in 1959, but some believe that his spirit never actually departed from his beloved studio, as he has been sighted wandering the grounds.

Shortly after his death, strange claims of unexplained sightings started being reported. Mr. Smith started appearing in the enormous casement windows, and one person even said that they saw him seated and working on a project in the studio.

Some encounters were no sightings at all, but claims of uneasiness or just the feeling of a presence while visiting the center.

The strangest unexplained encounter, however, is with a strong smell. Mr. Smith was an avid cigar smoker, and many people have claimed to smell the strong odor of cigar smoker throughout the center when no one was smoking.

The presence of Mr. Smith has been reported to be a friendly one, giving the people who have encountered him the sense that he is happy that his work has been continued.

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