Not all are Students at Flagler College

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The now centerpiece and residents hall at Flagler College in Saint Augustine was once known as The Ponce De Leon Hotel, the Flagship Hotel of Henry Flagler and one of the first hotels to be wired with electricity.

The Ponce De Leon Hotel attracted famous guests, from presidents to stage and sports stars; the hotel guests list represented the top 1 percent of the country’s wealth.

As one story goes, Flagler was a superstitious man, and upon his death, he requested that all the doors and windows of all his properties would be opened, fearing his spirit would be trapped in one of them. His request was carried out in all his properties except one, Flagler College. It is said that a janitor closed all the doors and windows while Flagler’s funeral was in full swing, trapping his ghost inside his cherished building.

But Flagler is not the only unnatural spirit there as there are many spirits believed to be taking up residence in the college’s residence hall.

Ida Alice Flagler, Henry’s very dead second wife, who was deemed mentally unstable when she was alive, has been reported to be seen countless times, staring at a painting of Henry that hangs in the hall.

Then there is the room on the fourth floor where no student will stay for more than a month because of all the ghostly screaming. This room is now used for storage but it is the exact same room where one of Henry Flagler’s mistresses was claimed to have hung herself from a chandelier.


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