Key West Cemetery

selective focus photo of cemetery lantern
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There are over 100,000 souls buried at the cemetery in Key West but not all those souls are resting in peace.

The graveyard itself has become somewhat of a tourist attraction bringing visitors to read some of the more humorous gravestones like those that read: I told you I was sick or Devoted fan of Julio Iglesias.

But visitors beware, and remember to be respectful because the graveyard is rumored to be guarded by the spirit of a Bahamian woman who gets very upset with those she feels are not respectful of the dead. It is said that this woman angrily approaches disrespectful visitors who sit on gravestones or walk over graves. Then as the scolding spirit nears, she just simply vanishes into thin air.

With so many lost souls buried here, there is no wonder that many unexplained encounters with shadows and orbs of light have been reported over the years. Some visitors even have claimed to hear an eerie voice coming from behind them, but find no one is there when they turn around.

Enter only if you dare!

silhouette of graves
Photo by Micael Widell on

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