Walton County Emergency Dispatch Named Their Ghost Sally May

Can you imagine working the midnight shift as an emergency operator? If that is not stressful enough, how about adding to it some spooky unexplained occurrences within the building you work. For many years now, that is just what has been reported at the Walton County Emergency Dispatch Center in DeFuniak Springs, Florida. In fact, the occurrences so common that the dispatchers have nicknamed their ghost, Sally May.

Imagine sitting at your station and hearing the faucet running in the bathroom; you get up to go turn it off, but as soon as you walk in, the water shuts off. Or how about getting locked in a bathroom stall with the lock, being unlocked. Then there are the reports of toilets flushing on their own.

Dispatchers have reported seeing a shadowy figure lurking the halls out of the corner of their eye, only to disappear when they look more closely.

Would you work there?

spooky ghost
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