The Spirited Imogene Theater

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The historic Imogene theater first opened in 1913 as the Milton Opera House and Auditorium. In the 1920s, it was converted to the Imogene Theatre, named for young Imogene Gooch, the theater owner’s daughter.

Little Imogene performed on stage the first night her family opened the theater, and some people have claimed that her ghost still makes special appearances.

Sightings of a young girl dancing on stage have been reported as well as claims of seeing a child peeking out from behind the stage curtain.

There have also been reports of a gentleman walking along the theater’s balcony when supposedly there was no one else in the buildings. These reports always describe the man’s attire the same way.

A building that is 105 years old is sure to have its creeks and malfunctions, but to have elevator doors open and close without reason?

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