The Haunted Train Car At The Brooksville Train Museum

Begining in 1885, the Brooksville Train Depot serviced the Florida Southern Railroad and Atlantic Coast Line until the last train rolled out in the late ’60s.

After its closing, the old depot was neglected and fell into despair, that is until it was finally purchased by The Hernando Historical Museum Association. After extensive restoration by hard-working dedicated volunteers, the 1885 Brooksville Train Depot Museum took shape.

Since its opening as a museum, visitors and staff have reported strange noises and unexplained happenings within the restored meal car on display on the museum’s grounds.

Voices coming out of nowhere and a phantom train whistle sound are the most common eerie reports. There also seems to be a strange presence only explained as an uneasy cold feeling that women have often reported when viewing a certain corner of the meal car.

Another frequent report is that visitors often feel the sensation of movement like the train car is traveling down the track.


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