The Ghost Bride of Bali Hai – Anna Maria Island

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A mourning woman, All dressed in white

Forever searching by the sea on an August night

According to the legend……..

Just after sunset and only during the month of August a woman in a white wedding dress has been seen walking a stretch of white sugary beach on Anna Maria Island just in front of the Bali Hai Resort on Holmes Beach.

The Bride Of Bali Hai has no name but it is said that many years ago a man and woman got married on Anna Maria Island. The bride married a sailor and shortly after their wedding day, he returned to the sea promising to return in the month of August.

The new bride anxiously awaited her husband’s August return but her sailor husband never came back.

It is said that the mourning bride has been searching the beach, still anxiously awaiting the return of her lost love ever since.

According to the legend, she’s usually observed out of the corner of the eye, but when you look directly at the bride’s figure, she vanishes from sight.

woman holding her face
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