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Experience the Surreal at the Dalí Museum

John and I are more or less the outdoor types and know very little about the arts, however the whole idea behind our journey through the state is to discover the places we might not have ever experienced if it were not for our work we are doing on this website. Today’s moment of discovery and experience in learning new things is the Salvador Dali Museum in Downtown Saint Petersburg.

The building, nicknamed The Enigma, features 1,062 triangular glass panels

Surrealist icon Salvador Dalí is perhaps best known for his bizarre images and his vast number of artistic styles. John and I knowing as little as we do about the art world, opted to start our visit with the one hour guided tour.

I would highly recommend that everyone, whether you are a person that regularly appreciates art or a person that rarely steps into an art museum, take advantage of the tour that is included with your admission. Had John and I not taken the tour we would have totally missed the point of Dali’s work. The guide does not take you through every piece of work in the museum, but instead, by using an example of his work in each of his different phases, explains Dali’s technical habits, consistencies, and thinking at that moment of time in his life. Our guide pointed out the hidden objects in the examples, explained their meaning and showed us what to look for in Dali’s art. Without this enlightenment on Dali’ it would be easy to misunderstand or misinterpret the artwork you are looking at. To fully appreciate Dali’ you have to know a little something about him or else you may come of the opinion that the work is just bizarre and you will be left standing there scratching your head.

After the guided tour, you are ready to head out on your own in an exercise of interpretation. You may find his work brilliant and unconventional or you may find it shocking and bold. Whatever your interpretation of his work is, there is no question that Salvador Dali’ is one of the most celebrated and complex artists of the 20th century.

If you regularly appreciate art or are a familiar fan of Dali’s work, you could easily spend the entire day at the Dali’ as there are many pieces of his finest works to view. For a leisurely day at the Dali’ museum you can have lunch in the cafe’, walk the gardens, view films and shop in the museum’s gift store.

Admission to the Dali’ Museum is $25 for adults, $23 for seniors, $18 for students with ID, $18 for children ages 13-17 and $10 for children 6-12. Children 5 and under are admitted free. The Dalí Museum is located at One Dalí Blvd, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 on the beautiful Downtown waterfront. Galleries are open daily 10am-5:30pm (until 8pm on Thursdays). The Museum Store & Avant-gardens remain open for 30 minutes after the galleries close.

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