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When I started my website the, I was pretty sure that I knew a lot about the state where I have spent my whole entire life. Well where it is true that I do know a great deal about Florida, I am finding out there is a whole lot that I didn’t know about. I am having a blast with this website while I am discovering new and interesting places in a state where I have lived for over 50 years!! It is amazing that sometimes we get so busy that we don’t see the things that are right in front of us.

Today, I had what I think is a great idea and I hope you guys think it’s a great idea too. The idea is to start a Facebook group because my thinking is, that if I have missed places in my own backyard, I bet others have too. My hopes with this group is to have people interact with each other and to share information, pictures and experiences about the places in Florida that they have visited. Get discussions going where people can give advice and also get advice about things to see, places to eat, best places to stay and it’s also a place for people to discuss their off the beaten path discoveries.

My goal is to have this group in addition to my website, be the number 1 go to place for people to ask questions and get real answers about places that they would like to visit in Florida. The tourism sites for Florida are great but do your really get the whole story? The whole, real story comes from normal folks, like you and me, who have experienced it, who have sort of speak, been there & done that. Yes, you can read an advertisement, look at beautiful pictures and get the sales pitch, but wouldn’t you also like to talk to someone who has been there? Get the real scoop, sort of speak, of what their experience was really like?

The topics on this new Facebook group, also called the view from Florida, can be anything Florida travel related. Best Beaches? great restaurants? fun park? favorite theme park? best place to spot birds, dolphins, manatees? The list of topics can be endless and is valuable information for people who are planning a Florida vacation. My goal with this group and my website is to help people plan the best Florida vacation ever and to do that they need the best information possible. Not just something out of a brochure or an advertisement but real life information. People work hard to be able to take a vacation that in some cases they have planned for all year and it is a real shame when things aren’t as advertised. No one should ever come to Florida and be disappointed!!!

This group will be a lot of fun for everyone who loves Florida and for anyone who is planning a Florida vacation. So I hope you will join us and let everyone know about the great places in Florida that you have discovered. By all means make suggestions, ask questions, post pictures of your favorite Florida places, etc… Also please be sure to share this post with anyone who you think would be interested in participating in our group!!!

Hope to hear from you soon at

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