Hotel Points – A Weekend Get Away Story

If money is no object to you and you can afford all the fine luxuries money can buy than this is not the post for you. But if you are like me and like to travel but don’t always have enough of those green pieces of paper with those presidents on them, this is for you, read on.

John and I are average Joe’s and we as of yet don’t have any sponsors for this site and nobody is paying for our reviews yet either…. Maybe someday soon I hope someone will because traveling gets expensive. So we are doing our best to save where we can.

We are on a 3 day visit to Fort Myers Beach, Lovers Key State Park, Sanibel & Captiva Islands. Staying right on the beach would have been nice and we could have booked a decent basic room in a hotel on the beach in Fort Myers Beach for anywhere from 170 a night on up or we could have booked a condo starting at around 250 a night on up. Decent prices but they don’t beat free. As it so happens we had enough Hilton Honors points to book a suite at the Hampton Inn at Fort Myers Beach for free. Now mind you it is not right on the beach it is actually about a 10 minute drive to the beach but still paid with points so still can’t beat free. Nice thing about this Hampton Inn is it is right next to the park and ride trolley station where you can take the trolley to the beach for 75 cents a ride or get an all day pass for 2 bucks. Taking the trolley over can save you a bit since there is no free parking on the beach. Even if you were staying in a hotel right on the beach they always add a parking fee to the advertised rate so one way or another you are paying for parking.

When John and I decided we were going to start this website/blog I signed up for every hotel points program I could think off. I figured it would pay off at some point and this is our first payoff. Our suite is actually like a one bedroom apartment with full kitchen, living room with a sofa bed and a bedroom with a king sized bed. I am also going to mention that they have a hot free breakfast every morning, a nice pool and on this stay they had a free hot dog cookout complete with fruit and cake in honor of fathers day. The going rate if I had not had points would have been around 135 per night. So a nice savings for travelers on a budget.

Now I know this kind of sounds like a commercial for Hampton Inn but the point of my post is that Hotel Points programs do work and it made this nice get away possible. We had a nice quality hotel stay and paid with points. If you want to do more traveling and you are not signed up for a hotel points program then in my opinion you are missing out on a good amount of savings. My Hilton Honors points are tied in to my American Express and every time I use my card I get points. Just about every major hotel chain has a program like this and it is worth looking in to.

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