Tampa International Airport- Where Excellence is Standard

In 1914 Tony Janus made history with a single passenger flight from Saint Petersburg,  Florida over the bay to Tampa, Florida and that flight was the true birth of an industry.     Jump ahead 105 years and the Tampa Bay Area is still leading the way in the commercial air travel industry. 

 Today’s air traveler has grown with the industry and has high expectations for their air travel experience.  Today’s modern air traveler wants simplicity, convenience and most of all efficiency.  What makes Tampa International Airport so extraordinary is the fact that they get it and they truly do understand the wants and needs of the busy domestic and international traveler and not only do they understand it, they go beyond it.  

The simplicity starts with being able to find your way around the airport and at Tampa International they have covered that completely with abundant, clear and easy to read signage and a color code system providing an easy guide to follow.   And by the slim chance you do have any difficulty finding your way, there is an airport employee just about everywhere you look, standing at the ready to assist you.

The Airport design itself was carefully planned out to promote efficiency and to prevent long lines and bottlenecks.  The design has been so successful that it’s concept has been used in the design of other airports around the world.  From the car to your gate and vice versa, all planned to create an enjoyable and efficient travel experience for the passenger. 

The simplicity and efficiency continues in the beautiful and open design of the main terminal with the abundance of ticketing and baggage check kiosks keeping you moving quickly through the check in process.  Once you have your bags checked and picked up your boarding pass, you just simply follow the signs to your lettered air side terminal shuttle.  There is very little walking involved as once again it was designed that way.  

For those passengers on arriving flights the ease and simplicity remains the same.  From the plane to baggage claim to your waiting transportation or rental car everything has been well designed for your convenience.

The rental car center is equally impressive and is just a short ride to and from the main terminal on the SkyConnect people mover.  At the Rental Car Center,  kiosks are available for departing passengers to check bags and pick up their boarding pass, this too designed to provide an outstanding level of service to the air traveler. 

With all this efficiency what will you do with your extra time?  

Tampa International is not just a place in which you catch a flight, it is truly a destination within a destination.  It is a place designed to be enjoyed, so……

Take some time and explore the art gallery displayed throughout the facility and you will find  beautiful works of art and tapestries from local and international artists. 

It is a history lesson in aviation and more. Just take a stroll through the main terminal level 2 and read the history,  view the old photographs and the video presentations there.   Visit the Hard Rock Cafe and see the music memorabilia on display.  Stroll down the walk way to the Marriott hotel and see the American Flag flown over Iwo Jima. 

 It is a place to have a great meal with family and friends.  With it’s many restaurants you have a wide variety of menu choices from local fare to international delights, from snacks to full course dining.   You can also unwind a bit and have a cocktail on one of the terraces, or at one of the many lounges or bars. 

It’s a place to pamper yourself.   Get a massage, a manicure or pedicure at an air side spa or buy something new for yourself at one of the 45 shops.

For the business traveler that wants to get some work in before that flight you will find abundant comfortable workstations in the main terminal and at air side.   TPA also proudly welcomes traveling military personnel with their USO lounge located in the  main terminal.

If visiting The Tampa Bay Area and you would like some ideas on things to do or where to go, just stop by the tourist information counter.  If you find you need any assistance with anything at all, stop by guest services where eager staff members are ready to help. 

It would be hard to believe that this airport could be improved upon but at TPA they are the innovators of progress and have more projects upcoming to enhance their customer service even further. 

The Tampa Airport Authority really has put forth every effort to anticipate and accommodate for every type of traveler from a business trip to a family vacation, domestic or international flight,  you can be rest assured that your experience at TPA will be stress free and enjoyable.


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