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Disney – Fanatic Family Series Post#3


In many conversations with people about Disney I am often asked where are some good places to eat. So I am going to switch gears a little and talk about a few of the restaurants that we have really enjoyed. Now there are like a gazillion choices of places to dine but today I am just going to talk about the ones that we have been to most recently as the dining experiences are still fresh on my mind.

Satu’li Canteen Animal Kingdom

Set in the Pandora The World of Avatar theme, this quick dining experience was actually a pleasant surprise. John and I had stood in line for 2 hours to ride Avatar Flight of Passage, which by the way was so worth the wait. After the long wait we were starved and headed for the first place we could find to eat, which turned out to be Satu’li Canteen.

The setting was that of the Pandora explorers mess hall which was very cool and it is indoors which makes it cool in another sense of the word, because it’s air conditioned. We are in Florida remember so inside air conditioned time is always a good thing.

We were expecting the usual hamburgers and hot dogs quick menu but when we looked up at the menu we were surprised to see words like pick a protein? HUH? So this place has healthy selections of power bowl type meals with vegetables, sliced beef or chicken, vegetarian selections and gluten free selections. We were a little skeptical as neither of us are known to make healthy food selections, but we were so hungry by this point we decided to go ahead and give it a try. To our delight the meals were actually delicious and very filling. So we ate healthy and enjoyed it, which might be a first for us!! So if at the Animal Kingdom and in the Land of Pandora do try the Satu’li Canteen


This dining option is a very sought after character experience so much so that we had to make our reservations 6 months in advance and pre-pay for it as well. For me this experience has a cute story to it. John and I booked a Valentines day get away and we reserved a brunch at Cinderella’s Royal Table as a Valentines gift to me. The meal was great and the service was excellent, what makes this a cute story is the character experience part of it. They do an excellent job of getting all the princesses around to every table frequently, so frequently in fact that poor John who just wanted to eat his meal, was starting to get annoyed. I as a little girl, as I am sure, like many other little girls, grew up wanting to be a princess so this dining experience was on my Disney bucket list. As for John, well he went along with it for my sake and didn’t complain too much. In reality for us this experience was really much better suited for families with little girls.


Once again this one is a character experience but this one played out a little differently for us because we had the grand kids with us. It is buffet style dining and the meal was good but what made this dining experience most enjoyable was the look on my 4 year old grandsons face when he saw Winnie the Poo and Tigger too. The Crystal Palace is a bit pricey but it is all you can eat so you shouldn’t leave hungry and what you are really paying for is the experience that delights the little ones.


We love this one. It is family style dining where every day is Thanksgiving. It’s theme is Colonial times America and the kids really get a kick out of the way they call your name when your table is ready. You get a lot of food and the service for us has always been outstanding. It is sit down air conditioned dining, refreshing if you have been standing in long hot lines all day.


John and I loved walking around this restaurant looking at all the old stuff which was quite an attraction in itself. The theme is Thomas Edison and his inventions and there are many of the old inventions in there. It’s sort of a museum in a restaurant and it’s really interesting. What made it even more enjoyable for us was that everything from the appetizers to the main course to the desert was absolutely fantastic. I should also add that the cocktails were delicious as well. Well worth the price in this upscale atmosphere dining experience. Please note if you choose this as a dining destination, there is an evening dress code.


Eat among the pre-historic dinosaurs. Just a fun place to eat with the kids. Every so many minutes the animatronic dinosaurs come to life and put on a show as the comet that caused their extinction is on its way. The food was good but it is the dinosaurs that you are there to experience. Beware parents there is a dino gift shop there so be prepared to either try to keep the kids from noticing it or pulling out your wallet. I know I ended up spending money buying a toy dino for my grandson.


An upscale dining experience with a dress code. Very sophisticated dining with a great menu specializing in seafood, steaks and fine wine. Fantastic attentive service as well. On the pricey side but a meal well worth it. This was part of our Valentines getaway that John really enjoyed.

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This is it for post #3. We will be doing more restaurant posts in the future as it seems to be a pretty popular subject.

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