Disney – Fanatic Family Series Post #2

Summer Time In Florida

Want to know what the weather is like in Florida in the summer? It’s hot, humid and there will more than likely be a thunderstorm some time in the afternoon. Now picture this, it’s about 95 degrees and you are crammed in a long winding line with what will seem like a zillion other hot sweaty people. There is no breeze and you have been in this line now for 45 minutes. You are praying for any kind of breeze and you are wishing the guy in front of you had remembered to pack his deodorant. Yep, that best describes a theme park in summer time Florida. Luckily, we have a few helpful tips that can help you beat the summertime theme park heat.

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Dress comfortable and remember to wear a hat and sunglasses. Also be sure to apply sunscreen and reapply throughout the day. Stay hydrated by drinking water. Soda will dehydrate you so save the soda for evening refreshment and make water your choice for daytime.

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Plan to get to the park of your choice when the gates open. If you are staying at A Disney resort be sure to check the schedule for extra magic hours that are only available to Disney resort guests to see if you can get in the park earlier than the general public. It is cooler in the mornings so you want to plan to get in those must do rides early in the day before the park fills up. Make sure to use your my Disney app and book your fast passes the night before. We usually book all of our fast passes for after lunch that way we can avoid the long lines in the hottest part of the day. If you are planning for a sit down lunch in the park be sure to make your reservations the night before as well.

I mentioned earlier that you can usually count on an afternoon thunderstorm in Florida during the summer months. They can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending and because it gets so hot sometimes the rain can be refreshing but afterwards the steam that rises from the hot pavement can make you feel like you are in a sauna. We usually make a rain time plan the night before as well and we keep an eye to the sky. If we are still in the park when the clouds get dark we head over to an indoor attraction. A good example of an indoor attraction at The Magic Kingdom is The Hall of Presidents or the Country Bear Jamboree and at Epcot there is The Seas. There are plenty of indoor attractions throughout all the parks and the idea is to save one of them as your rain time attraction. Be sure to head over to it before it starts pouring or else you won’t get in. Once it starts raining a zillion people will be running for cover so get there first!!

The parks are open late in the summer so we usually take a break and come back after dinner, so by 3 o’clock we are headed back to the hotel for chill time. ( I mentioned chill time in post #1) For us chill time is usually a nice refreshing dip in the pool at the resort. After an hour or two in the pool we are cooled off and rejuvenated and ready for dinner and round two at the park.

The evenings in Florida can be pretty warm too but at least the sun is not beating down on you. We love going to the parks at night and the fireworks presentation at The Magic Kingdom is like no other. The crowds start getting in position ridiculously early for it so be aware that in order to get the best viewing spot you might have to pick your position in front of Cinderella’s Castle early too and wait a long while. And if during the long wait for the fireworks, you start to wonder to yourself, is it worth it? It is, it most certainly is!

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