Fort De Soto A brief history

Fort De Soto has the last 4 carriage mounted 12 inch seacoast mortars

Mullet Key, as it was once called, was originally inhabited by Indians until the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors.

In 1849 Robert E. Lee recommended that Mullet Key as well as Egmont Key be used for Military and Coastal Defense. The construction of the fort began in 1898 and was completed in 1900 and was named Fort De Soto after the Spanish explorer that had arrived in the area in 1539.

The fort on both Mullet Key and Egmont Key never saw combat and they were abandoned in 1923 only later to be used as a bombing range in 1940.

In 1963 the land was sold back to Pinellas county and that land and what remains of the Fort is now a county park which has become one of the top rated Park/Beaches in the United States.

Learn much more of it’s history by visiting the fort and it’s museum located at 3500 Pinellas Bayway in Tierra Verde, Fl Open 7 days a week from 9 am to 4 pm admission is free

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