My Name is Vicky and I am a Life long Floridian and my soul mate and travel partner, John has lived here for 58 years, so we know a little about the state we love.

Our goal with this site is not to tell people what they can already find out on the internet but to go into a little more detail about all the fun and beauty that our wonderful state has to offer.  We will be actually going to the places that we are posting about, giving you a first hand look and as much information as possible to help you make wiser vacation choices.

Wouldn’t you just hate to work, save and plan all year for that great vacation and have all those expectations and anticipations, only to find out the places you picked were nothing like advertised?   Maybe it has already happened to you?  It has me and that is what inspired me to create this site.

This site will be continuously added to as we make our way around the state and we ask you not to be shy.  If you are thinking about a place that we have not yet written about yet, please send us a comment.  We will reply and tell you what we know or if we don’t know we will make it a point to get there and find out about it so we can tell you.  Just think of us as your friends in Florida!!

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What makes our site different from all the others, is the ability for the reader to ask questions.  We are completely interactive.  Thru our contact us page and our group, you are able to get truthful answers and recommendations to help you plan.  So please subscribe and join the group and be a part of the view from Florida.  

How to use our site

Start with regions in the menu above and explore the different attractions in each region.  Also be sure to check out and explore our archives for more of our travel adventures.   Be sure to subscribe to our site so we can keep you up to date on all the wonderful things Florida has to offer.  

In each of our posts we will do our best to let you know if it is a family attraction or a couples paradise.  We will also be checking and letting you know if it is easily accessible for people traveling with disabilities.  Oh! and we won’t forget the people traveling with pets!!

Thanks for joining us!!

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